What Services Do We Provide

We provide a wide array of services, whose purpose is to customize apparel, drinkware, and accessories.

We do this using the following techniques/mediums:

Silk Screening (screen printing)

Dye Sublimation

Heat transfer

Vinyl printing

Direct to garment (DTG)

Each process has different requirements, limitations, and cost parameters. Call, or email us for more info.

609.540.7386 | sales@taylormadenj.com

What is our return policy?

Generally speaking, there are not returns. In that each piece is customized, and handmade – returns are not feasible. On a case by case basis, shirts can be replaced upon the occurrence of production errors.

What is our shipping policy?

Customers have a choice of USPS flat rate priority; USPS express, or USPS 1st class mail.

Your choice will determine the cost, as well as shipping time.

Please allow 3-10 business days for shipping, handling, and processing.

In that each item is handmade, there are loads of contributing factors to consider.

Do we accept affiliate marketers?

Yes! We are actively working to build upon our affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketers are paid 5-15% for sales they generate – depending upon the size of the sale.

Hit us up for more info.

Are we accepting Brand Ambassadors

Well hell yes! Brand Ambassadors are selected on a case by case basis. Brand ambassadors are unpaid, but can be compensated on par with affiliate marketers, at a rate of 10-50%, depending upon the size of the sale.

Do you offer wholesale sales?

Definitely. We provide wholesale prices to selected entities. This is not done blindly, and there is a protocol associated with becoming a wholesaler, as our brands are to be sold under certain conditions.

Do we provide dropshipping?

For sure. We currently work with a wide range of companies, for which we do design, production, packaging, and shipping.

Hit us up for more info.

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